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Daily Report, Feb 26

Team Collaboration

  • Wary 2.0 … Research by InformationWeek discovers that business technology folks are concerned about the security aspects of Enterprise 2.0 offerings. And the lack of integration is a problem too: “First steps count, but Enterprise 2.0 can’t just be about a wiki here, a blog there forever. Taken together, the emergence and convergence of Web 2.0 and IP communications is what will determine whether there’s truly an Enterprise 2.0. It’s a new architecture defined by easier, faster, and contextual organization of and access to information, expertise, and business contacts–whether co-workers, partners, or customers. And all with a degree of personalization sprinkled in.InformationWeek
  • Colligo 2.0 … Colligo released Version 2.0 of its offline add-ons for Microsoft SharePoint, enabling users to take content offline (Colligo Reader) and edit and re-synchronize later (Colligo Contributor). The new version supports SharePoint Server 2007 and Windows SharePoint Services V3. It also “has a number of new features and upgrades. The most significant of these is the new integration with Microsoft Office Outlook®. With Colligo Contributor 2.0 on their laptops or desktops, users can now drag-and-drop emails, attachments, events, and contacts directly into SharePoint document libraries whether they are working online or offline. Email message fields, such as “To”, “From” and “Subject”, are automatically mapped into metadata columns for easy categorization and organization. This provides a powerful solution for companies looking to migrate email content management to SharePoint for collaboration or compliance purposes.” Kewl. Colligo
  • Nine Web-based Collaboration Tools … Mitch reviews a number of tools to help people move beyond email for workgroup collaboration, including offerings from Google, Zoho, BlueTie, Basecamp and various wiki vendors. CRN


  • Think Outside Your Flock … Or you’ll lose that which makes your special and unique. Don’t become another carbon copy. All Things Workplace
  • Don’t Do Everything On Your List … John argues that you/I shouldn’t try and do everything on our lists, because not everything is worth doing. It’s the 80/20 rule in operation. Focus on the 20. “When I pick things to not do I’m making a decision that I feel is for the ultimate good of my organization. This is my decision, and no one else’s. My organization and its leadership do not sanction my work avoidance. Sometimes I pick the wrong thing not to do and people yell. When this happens, I accept responsibility and hold only myself accountable for the trouble that results. There are two sides to leadership. The fun side is making decisions and making things happen. The unpleasant side is that you have to be willing to be accountable when you make a bad decision.The Only Trait of a Leader
  • Go Retro for More Time … Christine, a masters degree student, is nearing the end of a month living and working without any technology developed after 1950. “I literally feel I like I have 40 hours in a day. I realize how much time was sucked up with TV and … the Internet and e-mail…“. She’ll be back and blogging on March 2. Kansas City Star (hat tip, James)

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