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IT Manager 2.0

Much of the “2.0” trend is focused on bypassing the IT department and IT manager in organizations. Rightly or wrongly, in many organizations the IT department is viewed by the masses as the “Business Prevention Department” … that is, they get in the way of getting business stuff done rather than encouraging, facilitiating and making it easy to do so. They are more interested in stopping people from doing certain things, rather than partnering with business people and bringing their tech-savvy to bear on current and pressing business problems.

So … how does the IT manager and their IT department stay relevant in a 2.0 world? If you have some thoughts on this … that is, if you have a vision of what is needed (whether from a line perspective or an IT one), or alternatively if you lead an IT department and are actively engaged in reskilling your people for the business challenges ahead, I’d love to speak with you.

Please drop me an email at and we’ll set up a 30 minute call in the near future. Thanks much.

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