Who Cares if the iPhone is "Enterprise Ready"? Apple Knows the Secret, Jan 19

There’s been some discussion in the past couple of days as to whether Apple’s forthcoming iPhone is “enterprise-ready”. The truth of the matter … is that it is a question that doesn’t need to be asked. Apple knows the secret … that if they introduce a device that creates a suitable level of executive lust, it will be brought into the enterprise via “ground-roots” adoption, and the IT Department will be bypassed as a decision maker. If a senior executive likes the iPhone enough, they’ll buy it, and then order IT to “make it work with Exchange”. And if IT doesn’t want to do it, then executives will merely forward their email from work to Yahoo, where they can read and respond to it.

As a comparison, think how instant messaging entered the enterprise: through the back door. The same will happen here. That’s my take.

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