The Great Vegemite Limerick Challenge 2006, Nov 16

Vegemite is an acquired taste. Us Kiwis seems to love it, but many others don’t. I always have Vegemite on my bread at breakfast time! Anyhoo, Kraft ran a competition down here in recent months called the Great Vegemite Limerick Challenge. To enter you had to write a limerick that included the word “vegemite”.

I submitted two entries. The first draws on the Vitamin B goodness in Vegemite:

Our kids bring us joy and delight
Exuding high energy day and night.
With bright hair, eyes and skin
From the multi-faceted B vitamin
Found all through Kraft’s delicious Vegemite.

The second one celebrates the fact that Americans generally hate the stuff:

The make an American feel daft
Give them bread covered with Vegemite from Kraft.
They’ll probably puke
Or threaten a nuke
So run out quickly after you’ve laughed.

It was very fun writing the above!

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