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Team Collaboration Report, June 20

Foldera Ready to Go
Note: This is awesome company that I work for!

Foldera announced that its web-based organizer and messaging/collaboration service is ready to release into beta, starting June 19. The first wave of beta accounts will be released in conjunction with the start of the Collaborative Technologies Conference in Boston this week.

… [Foldera’s] web-based solution can save time and boost productivity for a range of businesses and enterprises. Foldera’s user-friendly solution uses proprietary intelligent “Activity Folders” to automatically and instantly sort and file emails, instant messages, tasks, documents and calendar events.

For Foldera’s presence at CTC, see Foldera Blog.

Source: BusinessWire

The Future of Email
ComputerWorld rounds up some of the leading thoughts and perspectives about the future of email. Key points:

  • Vendor and university labs are researching new ways to mine knowledge from an email stream, and how to improve workflow via email, among other things. (Page 1)
  • Spam, phishing and malware can be solved technically; the problem is competing agendas and different approaches from vendors. (Page 1)
  • Activity-centric approaches to handling an email stream, in conjunction with other streams of communication, are under development. IBM has Activity Explorer, and Microsoft is working on a way to combine items into a single searchable archive. Although ComputerWorld doesn’t mention it, Foldera also offers an activity-centric model. (Page 2)
  • By mining a complete archive of email messages, you can see the knowledge networks at play in your organization, and see who really has the power and influence with others. HP is working on the Knowledge Navigator tool, for example, to help with identifying experts on a specific topic. (Page 3)

Source: ComputerWorld

Top 10 SharePoint Myths
Robert Bogue at SharePoint Advisor considers the top 10 myths of SharePoint, and how to counteract those. Those 10 myths are (with an added bonus on the end):

  1. SharePoint is a silver bullet
  2. SharePoint eliminates the need to organize
  3. SharePoint will reduce storage space
  4. SharePoint is a content management system
  5. Everyone will embrace SharePoint
  6. SharePoint is so easy we don’t need training
  7. SharePoint supports file-level security
  8. SharePoint is a “just add water…” system
  9. Built-in SharePoint discussions will handle any need
  10. SharePoint has a good offline story
  11. It’s easy to customize SharePoint’s look and feel

He concludes:

SharePoint is an awesome tool — particularly when it’s being deployed to do what it does well. Hopefully, exposing these myths will make your SharePoint project be successful.

Source: Advisor

Liquid Machines and Brainloop AG
Liquid Machines announced a strategic alliance and technology partnership with Brainloop AG to deliver a secure document management and project collaboration solution. The joint solution will be marketed as “Brainloop Secure Dataroom”, and combines Brainloop’s offering (web-based document management and project collaboration) with additional digital rights management capabilities from Liquid Machines.

Liquid Machines Document Control enhances the Brainloop and Windows RMS solution with a number of usability and reporting features that ensure consistent policy protection across the extended enterprise. Liquid Machines Document Control extends Brainloop’s RMS-based access and usage controls across more than 65 different applications and file formats including Adobe Acrobat and Microsoft Visio; allows users to leverage all of an application’s collaborative operations including ‘cut/copy, paste,’ ‘drag and drop,’ and merge without removing protection; and enables the organization to monitor and log application-level events such as open, save, save as, send as e-mail, print, etc. on protected files in support of compliance initiatives.

Source: Liquid Machines
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Update from Quest on Support for Microsoft
Quest Software summarized its support for the Microsoft platform during the recent TechEd conference. Quest offers add on management and administration capabilities for Active Directory, Exchange Server, SQL Server, Windows Server, Visual Studio, SharePoint and more. It is focusing specific resource on helping customers manage SharePoint and .NET Framework-based applications.

Source: Quest Software

Scalix Updates on Numbers
Scalix announced its current market position:

  • Over 350 enterprise customers have purchased and deployed Scalix email infrastructure.
  • The free Scalix Community Edition is in production with over 1 million mailboxes across 10,000 servers. Half of these servers replaced legacy Exchange, Notes/Domino and GroupWise environments.
  • Scalix has over 125 distributors and resellers around the world.

Good work!

Source: Scalix

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