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Mobility Report, Jun 20

Open-Xchange and ChatterEmail in Mobility Partnership
Open-Xchange and ChatterEmail announced a partnership to promote standards-based mobility solutions. Open-Xchange offers Open-Xchange Server 5, a Linux-based collaboration server that supports access from mobile devices, amongst other clients. ChatterEmail extends this with push-based email to Palm Treo devices.

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Open Mobile Linux Platform
Six mobility players announced a global, open Linux-based software platform for mobile devices, to be administered by an independent foundation.

… [the] objective is to realize the development of the platform based on the contributions of all interested stakeholders through an open and transparent process. Focusing primarily on the joint development and marketing of an API specification, architecture, supporting source code-based reference implementation components and tools, the foundation intends to leverage the benefits of community-based and proprietary development.

Motorola, NEC, NTT DoCoMo, Panasonic Mobile Communications, Samsung Electronics, and Vodafone are involved. Microsoft (Windows Mobile) and Nokia (Symbian) are not.

Source: Motorola

Cingular Wireless Offers Enhanced Wireless Email via Exchange
Cingular Wireless will roll out the upgraded Windows Mobile-based wireless email solution, starting June 19. The upgrade offers true push-based email for Windows Mobile based devices, and enhanced security.

Direct Push Technology delivers an enhanced mobile experience to organizations that use Microsoft Exchange Server 2003 by pushing updates to e-mail, calendar items, contacts and tasks as they arrive directly from the Exchange Server to the devices. MSFP additionally enhances these Windows Mobile-powered Cingular Wireless devices by delivering improved device management and added security features for IT administrators, like over-the-air device password policy enforcement and remote wipe of the device in case of loss or theft.

Targeted at enterprise customers.

Source: Enterprise Open Source Magazine
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