Going Back to Being an Employee, Apr 19


Monday this week signalled a huge change for me … my work at Shared Spaces Research & Consulting is at an end, and I am now the Global VP of Word-of-Mouth Marketing for Foldera. I haven’t “worked” for someone else since leaving Telecom New Zealand in May 1998, so this is really different. When Richard Lusk first offered me the job back in December, I said no. I said no again later that month, and then no again in late February after re-opening the conversation. When I called in early April, and asked if the job was still available, he was cautious about starting the conversation yet again, and rightly so.

Well it’s all official now (the press release should be out by now), and I’m fully onboard. Much to learn, much to contribute, much to do. I’m jazzed.

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