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Briefing with Volutio re Ikordo, Apr 18

Early yesterday morning I had a briefing with Jim Cook (CEO) and David Pearce (VP, Marketing) from Volutio Limited in the United Kingdom. Volutio develops services to help people collaborate; more specifically it has a new service–called Ikordo–in beta that focused on meeting scheduling. Kathleen Murray Tremblay from […]

Briefing with Tungle, April 17

Just finished up a call with Marc Gingras, the CEO of free/busy aggregator new entrant Tungle (see my March 27 Daily Report for earlier coverage). Tungle isn’t a new calendaring client per se, but rather a way of sharing free/busy information within groups and definitely across organizational boundaries. […]

When "Free" Is Too Expensive, Mar 8

Chan’s post of a few days ago got me thinking again about the topic of “free software”. I’ve been meaning to write on this for quite some time, but my recent employment gig put that on ice (given the “for free” orientation of said employer). Now that I’m […]

SharePoint for Business

One of the main research themes of Collaboration Success Advisors is how organizations can embrace SharePoint 2007 for enhanced business performance. My analysis of SharePoint as an effective technology has changed over the last few years … the 2003 version got a thumbs-down from me … whereas even […]

IT Manager 2.0

Much of the “2.0” trend is focused on bypassing the IT department and IT manager in organizations. Rightly or wrongly, in many organizations the IT department is viewed by the masses as the “Business Prevention Department” … that is, they get in the way of getting business stuff […]

Beyond Email

One of the main research themes of Collaboration Success Advisors is how and where it is appropriate to move people beyond email to newer / better / faster / more effective collaboration tools. If you have some thoughts on this … that is, if you have shifted some […]