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Re-channeling the Book

It’s been some months since I have written about the book, and needless to say, much has taken place. The sad (the death of my friend Marc Orchant), the happy (the birth of Elizabeth, my 8th child), as less as all of those things which requires a certain […]

Thanks Marc!

It is super-helpful for aspiring book authors to have someone who has “been there, done that” look over their material and give the thumbs up to proceeding to the next level of content creation and investment. One of those people in my life has been Marc Orchant. Marc […]

Dude, You Have an ISBN

Wow, my book even has an ISBN already … Seamless Teamwork: How to Use Microsoft SharePoint to Work Effectively with Others, Strengthen Team Collaboration, and Drive Business ISBN: 9780735625617 … although Amazon doesn’t know about it yet (sorry, you can’t pre-order your copy today!):