Microsoft SharePoint

Thanks Marc!

It is super-helpful for aspiring book authors to have someone who has “been there, done that” look over their material and give the thumbs up to proceeding to the next level of content creation and investment.

One of those people in my life has been Marc Orchant. Marc is both a prolific blogger and book author, his first of the latter being The Unofficial Guide to Outlook 2007 (Wiley).

Last year I ran a book idea past him, and he put me in contact with his agent. This year I ran a different book idea past him, and he introduced me to someone who knew the very people at Microsoft Press who I needed to speak to. And he did a great job of preparing me for what I should expect, by filling in the little details about their working style and what’s “normal”. That’s proven invaluable as I’ve navigated the waters on this one.

Thanks Marc … I really appreciate it!