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Security Concerns with Microsoft SharePoint

Ongoing governance and oversight of SharePoint usage and content is critical, but usually done poorly. “Most business managers have little visibility into their Microsoft SharePoint environments, and believe that the collaboration tool could put them at risk of data theft, according to new research from enterprise provisioning firm […]

A Box Arrives

David went to collect the mail this morning, and returned carrying the usual complement of letters … and a brown box. I asked him if it was heavy, thinking it was a bit big for the replacement DVD drive I’m waiting for. When I held it, it was […]

Chapter 11 of Seamless Teamwork Posted

There are two additional online-only chapters for Seamless Teamwork: Chapter 11, which extends the ideas of Seamless Teamwork to the Sponsors and Stakeholders site, talking about how these groups use the site that has been set up for them; and Chapter 12, which introduces the main governance issues […]

Writing a Book: Key IT Enablers

Much of the past couple of months have been spent in getting Seamless Teamwork completed. There have been 5 key IT enablers that I am very grateful for. First, my Lenovo X60 Tablet PC, running Vista Business, and connected to a 22″ monitor. I have written the final […]

Thanks Chan!

I have the rest of this week to finish Seamless Teamwork … so there’s a lot of plates spinning here at the moment. But I must interrupt what I’m doing and shout out a big thanks to Chan Kulathilake from Knowledge Cue for his work in getting my […]