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Feedback on SharePoint Roadmap: Gavin Knight

Gavin Knight from New Zealand posted his feedback last week on SharePoint Roadmap for Collaboration:

The book is very readable despite being full of rich content covering some complex areas. For the last couple weeks I read a chapter every few days. Then today I completed the second half of the book in one sitting. It flows very well.

I have been a member of IT project teams for over 10 years, and in project management roles on such projects for over 5 of those years. The insights in Michael’s book resonate closely with my experience.

The ideas Michael explores are equally applicable across a much broader range of IT projects. Not just collaboration projects generally, or SharePoint projects specifically. I encourage Michael to explore this further in his future writing.

You can read Gavin’s full review on his blog, Gavin Knight .com

(Thanks Gavin!)

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