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New Baby is Coming, Hope the Hospital is Open

My lovely wife Katrina is due to give birth to our 7th child in 1-3 weeks, although for her sake, preferably sooner rather than later. We will be heading in to the new Christchurch Women’s Hospital for the big event. Katrina related a recent breakdown at the hospital, that I think she’d read in the paper:

Lady arrives to have her baby. It’s after 6pm (or whenever they lock the front doors by default) and the security guard isn’t at the door. Man and lady try desparately to get someone to let them in, but all to no avail. By the time they door is open, it’s man, lady and new baby in the car.

I was in Christchurch yesterday picking up a new computer, and as I went past the hospital in question, I related the above to D, head of an IT services company in Christchurch, and with whom I’d just shared lunch. D drives a very large 4-wheel drive vehicle, and said, “if that was me, I would have just driven through the front door”. I’m still laughing … cause I know he really would have!

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