I'm a Mack (and use a PC), I'm a PC (but used to use a Mac), I'm a Mac (for ever and ever), I'm a Mac (and also have a PC), Aug 3

One of the extreme highlights of my visit to California during the past week was sharing dinner on Thursday night with Eric Mack (offline), Marc (the ZDNet blogger) and Sue Orchant, the highly talented artist who paints on silk (PDF, 307KB). Obvious I’ve met the Mack previously, but this was the first time I had of meeting Marc and Sue in person. But thanks to blogging, Skype and email, I felt like I’d known them both for a long time.

We had a wonderful 4 hours together at the Duke’s restaurant in Huntington Beach, and were some of the last people to leave. Sue was extremely gracious to share dinner with three geeks whose conversation ranged from Macs vs. PCs, Marc’s history with the Mac and current forays into Tablet land, Eric’s problems with his Tablet, Eric’s need to buy a Mac (x15), and the need for one of Eric’s clients to buy a Tablet. When the propellors weren’t spinning, we talked about Sue’s wonderful silk paintings, family vacations, family growth, and more.

I don’t think Marc nor Sue realized how much Eric is the butt of Michael’s jokes, rather than the other way round. I haven’t laughed so much in a very long time … thanks to you each for a wonderful evening of friendship.

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0 thoughts on “I'm a Mack (and use a PC), I'm a PC (but used to use a Mac), I'm a Mac (for ever and ever), I'm a Mac (and also have a PC), Aug 3

  1. We had a wonderful time as well and enjoyed much laughter although not in quite the same quantity or intensity as you!
    I know your visits to the states will be infrequent due to time, cost, and family concerns but we will look forward to each and every one. And, Sue and I hope to come see you sometime soon and discover your native habitat.

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