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Re-Thinking ROI for Office 365: Stop Trying to Save Time – by Michael Sampson

At DEX 2019 last week, I presented the day 2 opening keynote – on Re-Thinking ROI for Office 365, with an emphasis on the flawed logic that focuses on saving time and reducing travel. I argued that the traditional ways don’t work and miss the real value of Office 365, and offered several ways for re-thinking the real value. Here’s my slides.

This was presented as a Silverside deck, because it was through my work at Silverside as a Research Consultant that these ideas were developed. You can also download the ebook I wrote for Silverside on Office 365 ROI.

Many thanks to James for the pre-conference coaching on unleveling this deck to get it ready for DEX. The version presented last week was substantially better than what I presented in April.

On a personal note, my business and family commitments over the past several years have made it impossible to speak at conferences. It was incredibly fun to present a keynote again.

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