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Office 365 So What? Rethinking Return-on-Investment

I will be speaking at the upcoming Digital Workplace Conference 2019, held in Auckland from April 30-May 1, with pre- and post-workshop days too. My Tuesday session – April 30 at 2pm in the Business Productivity track – is on re-thinking return-on-investment for Office 365.

Office 365 So What? Rethinking Return-on-Investment 

Microsoft offers analytics that report how many people are using Office 365, but achieving return-on-investment (ROI) requires answering much larger questions about why and where Office 365 creates value in your organisation. While easy methods of calculating ROI exist, tracking reduced labour costs and lower travel costs don’t provide any insight into the true business value of Office 365. True business value is derived when Office 365 supports changes to work practice, organisational structure, culture and the organisation’s business model.

In this session, we look at how to create a roadmap for why and where Office 365 can create value for your organisation, and therefore the type of ROI that can be expected.

Presentation Benefits

  • Clarity on adoption as a means, not the end goal.
  • Capability for preparing a return-on-investment strategy for your Office 365 deployment.
  • Categorisation of what Office 365 analytics can and can’t offer.

Top 3 Highlights

  1. ROI is entirely dependent on what Office 365 is used for. Lift-and-shift cloud strategies don’t cut it.
  2. While Microsoft offers analytics on usage, you need to develop analytics on value.
  3. Using value analytics to learn and adjust.

Will I see you there?