Re-Imagining Effective Work

Wanted: A Presentist

With futurists the world is awash.
Who proclaim the new and to the past say tosh.
The future of work is so very posh.
What you’re doing today is only bosh.

The world is awash with futurists. Those who claim to see the future. As in the future of work. Or one who can extrapolate from today into the future, and thus opine on what needs to be done differently this day. Which could be the new AI bling or machine learning thing, or the re-introduction of quietness to dim the ding and constant ring-a-ring-a-ring.

Without diminishing the beneficial role a futurist can play, I’d like to give credit to the presentists amongst us. Those who can look at what is currently available for re-imagining effective work and bring those immediately available benefits to a work process or activity. If a process has become saturated with information, or so brittle that it can’t accept any change, there’s a need to bring it up to the current day.

One where change is the order of the day.

Where responsiveness and flexibility are key.

Where adding greater value to the customer is both viewed as a competitive necessity and acted upon in that light.

Yes, a presentist. A process without life brought back to life with a re-think, a re-imagining, a re-evaluation, a re-equipping. No “future of work” stuff needed. Just a very good dose of what’s available today – the state of the art, today’s best practices, today’s best ideas.

And once it is re-established as a valid process for today, then we can look to the future.