Re-Imagining Effective Work

22 Ways To See Things Differently – Nicholas Bate

From Nicholas Bate in April 2014 on seeing things differently:

1. With the lights low.
2. Early, at dawn.
3. Through dark glasses.
4. Wearing a brown paper bag and just listening.
5. Through the tube of a rolled-up newspaper.
6. Late, at dusk.
7. Through binoculars.
8. Squint.
9. Through the hole in an old favoured sweatshirt.
10. Through a microscope.
11. Wearing night-vision goggles.
12. From a hot-air balloon.
13. With the lights fully on.
14. Via a crack in a fence.
15. From your back on the floor.
16. From the mountain top.
17. With perspiration dripping in your eyes.
18. From the back of an open truck.
19. From the valley floor.
20. Closing your eyes and letting someone describe to you…
21. As a reflection from the water of the river.
22. Changing your mind.

And yes, with the above being published on April 1, you will have to embrace the willingness to be foolish and stupid to see differently.