Microsoft Dynamics 365

Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Talent and LinkedIn

At Ignite 2017, Michele Ballinger and Brandon Potter, both of Microsoft, gave an introduction to Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Talent, including the Attract and Onboard modules. Attract is for the recruiting portion of finding and hiring a new employee; Onboard is for managing the onboarding process of integrating the new employee into the company.

Michele starts the session with an exploration of the changing role of HR within the organisation, and introduces the idea of Empowerment HR (a move beyond Strategic HR) that gives leaders, teams and employees the tools they need to become an active part of the HR organisation. Once Michele has set the scene, Brandon walks through the various capabilities in Attract and Onboard, including some of the integrations with LinkedIn, such as:

  • Finding an application on LinkedIn and bringing it into Attract for running the hiring process (at 17m40s)

  • Integration with LinkedIn pulls the candidate’s profile into Attract that a recruiter sees in LinkedIn Recruiter (at 18m35s)

  • A candidate going through an interview process can be shown the list of interviewers and view their LinkedIn profile before the interview (this list can also be hidden from the interviewee). If it is disclosed in advance, the candidate can come better prepared knowing who he or she is talking with (at 22m20s).

  • [Roadmap] A planned integration is to automatically bring a candidates profile into LinkedIn Recruiter and Talent when a candidate searches for a job that matches what is being offered (at 19m00s).

Brandon said that the Dynamics team continues to work with LinkedIn to explore and deliver on integration opportunities. And there’s a lot of integration points with Office 365 too. Interesting.