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Weekend Reading 02.12

There are many people doing interesting work around the world. Here’s a selection of the interesting ideas I have come across this week. Find yourself a coffee or tea, pull out your digital reading device of choice, and go exploring.

  • Making Cognitive Search Work (Martin White) … “The single major cause of poor quality search is not the incumbent technology but the lack of skilled information professionals. Historically, search vendors have been reluctant to identify the team skills needed to optimize the performance of their software in case potential customers take fright at the implications. This is certainly the case with cognitive search.More

  • LinkedIn and Office 365 (Jeremy Thake) … More on the initial integration between LinkedIn and Office 365. “…When a user opts-in to the integration, the organization cannot leverage the data, only the user can. What this means is that the organization can’t go through the users’ graph of connections i.e. internal recruiters won’t be able to connect to external people that their employees know. It also can’t start doing anything too scary, like predictive analysis on whether John Smith is looking to leave based on him connecting to employees from a competiting company or having LinkedIn message conversations with them.More

  • Updating Timesheets by Bot (Clarizen) … “Clarizen, the global leader in enterprise collaborative work management, today announced the availability of a new module for the Clarizen Bot that reduces the hours people spend every month updating their timesheets to a matter of seconds. Users can quickly and easily update their work and log their time directly in Slack.More

  • Daily Reality Check on your Checklist (Daniel Dowling) … “Do your best. If it sounds like advice from a kindergarten teacher, well, I get it. Vague goals produce vague results, right? So I thought, too. But over the past few years I’ve discovered that, when combined with a system of concrete daily goal-setting, there’s one nebulous goal that can prove a surprising punch-in-the-gut reality check, and lead to concrete results.More

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