Driving Effective Use of Microsoft Office 365

The Driving Effective Use of Office 365 Public Workshop provides a forum for learning and engagement about helping end users to incorporate appropriate Office 365 capabilities in their day-to-day work. During the one day workshop you will learn what effective use looks like, and what needs to be put in place in order to lead users to this outcome. Delegates have multiple opportunities to discuss and debate what they are hearing with other delegates, and to share experiences in driving effective use of Office 365. It is a very participative workshop!

The public workshop is based on Michael’s workbook, Driving Effective Use of Office 365 (2016).

The agenda for the public workshop is:
09.00am … Opening Comments
09.30am … What Does Effective Use Look Like?
10.30am … Morning Break
11.00am … Organizational and Business Context for Effective Use
11.45am … Drivers for Effective Use
12.30pm … Lunch
1.30pm … Developing Competence for Effective Use
2.15pm … Strategies for Cultivating Effective Use
3.00pm … Afternoon Break
3.30pm … Extending Effective Use
4.15pm … Building Your Adoption Framework for Effective Use
4.50pm … Closing Comments
5.00pm … End of workshop

The public workshop has been presented in:
– Auckland with the Digital Workplace Conference 2016 (August 2016)
– Auckland (August 2015)

Host the Public Workshop
For details on hosting the public workshop for your clients and prospects, along with costs and timeframe, please contact Michael.