The Organisation in the Digital Age – 2016 Edition Now Open for Participation

In mid-March 2012 after Congres Intranet in Utrecht, a number of the international speakers went out for dinner. Jane McConnell was there, and during dinner, I advised her that it was time to give up writing her annual report. “You’ve done it long enough,” I argued, and “in comparison to the value of other possible endeavours for you, you should stop. It’s time to move on.”

I’m glad she didn’t listen to me.

Jane’s annual report on how organisations are embracing, adapting to, and transforming in light of new digital opportunities is a key research publication every year. I quote from it in presentations. I have people recommend it to me.

The data for the report comes from participating organisations around the world. Jane has recently opened participation for the 2016 report … details from Jane are below.

2016 Survey Open
Jane McConnell has opened the 10th annual survey: The Organization in the Digital Age. The planned closing date is June 15th. The survey is in two parts this year: The Core part (59 questions), streamlined from previous years, takes approximately 30 minutes. The optional Extended part (37 questions) is for organizations that want to do a deeper dive into digital transformation. All participants receive a copy of the final report The Organization in the Digital Age 2016 (Core or Extended), as well as the Scorecard for their organization, which is optional and free.

Customized Snapshot Report
Jane is offering a new free service this year—A Customized Snapshot Report. You involve 6 or more people from your organization who complete the survey (maximum 20) and Jane provides a 3-page summary of the consolidated results. Depending on who you involve, you can get a snapshot from different viewpoints: functions, business lines, countries, etc. If you decide to do this, you should contact Jane directly and request a customized link for your organization.

Sponsorship Opportunities for Research Supporters
Vendors, digital agencies, technology and service providers, event companies or other companies and people can participate as a Research Supporter through a sponsorship package with benefits described here. This brings visibility in the report, and a chance to communicate their messages to a high-potential audience.

Useful Links
Customized Snapshot Report
Sponsorship program
Overall view of the 2016 survey
Topics covered in 2016, plus a download link to the Quick Reference Guide 2016 Survey
Participants over past 3 years
Sign-up page
Frequently-asked questions

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  1. Thanks for the blog post, Michael. I well remember our dinner 4 years ago. Hope it won’t be another 4 years before our paths cross.