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Profiling Employee Expertise in Office 365 – Meetup on Tuesday

On Tuesday next week I’ll be hosting the third meeting of the Office 365 for Business Meetup in Christchurch. The topic is profiling employee expertise in Office 365:

In all organisations the Ghostbusters question is asked everyday: Who you gonna call? The answer is not usually the one from the movie, of course, but that doesn’t diminish the challenge of the question. Who is the right person to whom I should ask this question? Who is the best person to help the customer calling for help right now? Where do I find the people we already employ to share their expertise on current and pressing problems? From the depths of the organisation to its utmost heights, everyone is looking for the best person. For all these specific questions—and the hundreds of nuances of the same—a method for profiling expertise across an organisation goes a long way to an efficient and productive resolution. Office 365 offers a number of capabilities to support the profiling of employee expertise; let’s consider what’s on offer, and evaluate the efficacy of those in our work.

There are 9 spots currently left for attendees; please register to attend via Meetup.

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