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Intranets 2015: It’s Almost Show Time

I have but 10 hours left in the office before boarding a couple of planes (not simultaneously, mind you) and heading to Sydney for the Intranets 2015 conference hosted by Step Two Designs. The conference is on Wednesday and Thursday next week (May 20-21), with a post-conference workshop day on Friday (May 22). James Robertson, the Founder and Managing Director of Step Two, has just told me that they are “almost sold out,” with just a few remaining seats available at the conference … so if you haven’t registered yet, you’d better get moving.

The program for the conference is manageable and well-balanced, with presentations across just two tracks to choose from. I’m not a fan of conferences with five or more tracks running simultaneously, as it becomes far too difficult to choose between sessions. Two is a good number, I think, and although there were a couple that came down to a coin toss, my selections for the conference were pretty easy. Check out the no-details-given and mysteriously-titled “Inspiration session” on Wednesday at 4pm. Interesting; wonder what that will be all about?

I will be doing two things at the conference: providing the opening keynote on Reimagining Effective Work on Wednesday, and will be giving one of the two workshops on Friday next week. The team at Step Two tell me that there are a good number of people registered for the workshop (for which I’m totally ready), and they’ll soon be chasing me down for my final slides for the keynote (for which I’m conceptually almost ready and slightly trailing on the slides). It’s coming together … but keynotes … have to be given from the heart in the moment not just from the slides of a month ago. I remember Ross Mayfield, then CEO at Socialtext, commenting at one of the conferences where I was the conference chair that he only ever wrote his presentation on the morning of the event. I haven’t quite got to that point, but I’m trending that way for the finishing touches.

If you will be there, I look forward to saying hi. If you should be there, then see above and do something about it.