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DomainPatrol Social for IBM Connections

Infoware released an updated version of DomainPatrol Social for IBM Connections. DomainPatrol Social is an uber-admin toolkit for working with, managing, and leveraging content in IBM Connections, providing capabilities not available out-of-the-box in Connections. Capabilities include:
– New support for IBM Connections 5 CR2.
– Merging two communities into one community.
– Moving sub-communities into and out of parent communities.
– Moving and merging content to and from External Communities.
– Moving files between users, with transparent changes in ownership.
– Moving files between communities.
– Merging user profiles, for handling changes in staff types.
– Copying access control privileges from one user to another.

Infoware also announced a new pay-as-you-go rental model for licensing, in addition to the current licensing approach.

In my market research report on IBM Connections last year, Infoware DomainPatrol Social was one of the top-rated add-on products for IBM Connections. See page 19 in Use and Adoption of IBM Connections: State of the Market 4Q2014.

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