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Trade Offs: Weight vs. Keyboard

I’m a keyboard guy … I always loved the BlackBerry for its physical keyboard, I always pair my iPads with Logitech keyboards, I love the slimline Apple wired keyboard, and I’ve invested the time to learn to type well (even when that involved switching from QWERTY to Dvorak some years ago). So I am puzzled by what I see on planes, at conferences, and in meetings when people turn up with a tablet sans keyboard, and then type with one or two fingers.

In recent months I have seen:

– a guy on plane tapping away on his iPad with one finger for the whole flight. He wasn’t playing a game. He was working in email.
– many people at conferences using the iPad’s onscreen keyboard with two fingers for typing up conference notes or typing an email to someone.

Why is this happening? Why are these people choosing to do this?

When did less weight to carry become so much more important than the ability to type properly and quickly? A current generation iPad weighs just under 500 grams, and with a Logitech keyboard added it goes to 800 grams. The lightest and thinnest MacBook Air weighs 1080 grams. And of course the new Surface Pro 3 with keyboard is just over 1000 grams.

In my view, why would you not carry 300g to 600g more weight and get a real keyboard for a real typing experience? What am I missing?

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