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Use and Adoption of IBM Connections – A Survey

I am running a research survey on how organizations are using IBM Connections. The survey has 17 questions, spread across four pages:
– Demographics and Current State of Connections
– Current and Forecasted Use of IBM Connections
– Upgrading to Connections 5.0
– Satisfaction, Value, and Next Steps

On the front page of the survey it says:

IBM Connections is a widely used collaboration and social business platform. The purpose of this survey is to assess current use of IBM Connections in organizations, and understand current and future plans around the use of IBM Connections. All responses will be aggregated for an overall analysis; individual responses will be kept confidential.

If you are decision-maker with reference to IBM Connections at your organization, please take the survey.

If you know people who are using IBM Connections at their organization, could you please forward them the link and ask them to take the survey?


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