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Fine Point Stylus for iOS Devices

Adonit has released a fine point stylus for use with iOS devices. As they accurately say, the other stylus options for iOS devices are much larger – I’ve always called them “crayons,” and found them okay for pushing screen elements or selecting applications, but never for actually doing anything useful.

The Jot Script Evernote Edition is the first of its kind: a true fine point stylus for iOS that allows your handwriting to flow as freely as your thoughts. With a revolutionary 1.9mm tip, Jot Script writes and feels like your favorite pen. Whether capturing ideas in a meeting or writing notes in the classroom, Jot Script elevates note taking to an art form.

Jot Script was designed to reflect the style of a high-end ball point pen with a ribbed grip around the aluminum barrel. It has the same metal finish, quality construction, simplicity, and weighted hand balance that Adonit styluses are known for.

Pixelpoint Technology: Pixelpoint technology has enabled the first fine point stylus on the market with a 1.9mm tip. The Bluetooth LE, accelerometer, and Adonit’s SDK work seamlessly to place the ink point directly under the tip and improve the overall control on the screen. Pixelpoint technology will guarantee precision in every line, letter and signature.

The stylus works with a number of iOS apps, including Evernote, GoodNotes, and Noteshelf. Unlike the stylus on the Microsoft Surface, however, it doesn’t appear to be universally usable in all apps.

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