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Workshops in Europe in October

I will be presenting a round of workshops in different European cities in October. The first week of my tour is booked, and there are various organizations with some interest in the second week. I’ll have to wait to see what comes of that interest, and whether those move through to firm bookings. Anyway, the schedule for the first week is:

– Tuesday October 7, Doing Business with IBM Connections workshop in Poland with Epacta (public seminar, contact Epacta for registration details).
– Wednesday October 8, Practice of Collaboration Workshop in Switzerland with a client (private workshop, in-house).
– Thursday October 9, User Adoption Strategies Workshop in Rotterdam with Silverside (public seminar, get registered now).
– Friday October 10, tentatively booked

The days I still have available for workshops are:
– Monday October 13
– Tuesday October 14
– Wednesday October 15
– Thursday October 16

Please get in contact in you want to discuss possibilities for any of those days.

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