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Microsoft OneNote for Mac

The Office team at Microsoft announced three updates to OneNote today: a Mac version, a freemium model (both OneNote 2013 for Windows and the new OneNote for Mac are free, with premium features available by subscription), and a new API for the cloud service.

OneNote for Mac

Similar to other Office for Mac applications, OneNote for Mac has the Ribbon user interface with a variety of options for formatting and styling your notes. Your notes can be styled however you like. You can choose that special font and color you like to use for your notes, or emphasize important content with bold, underline or highlights.

The new OneNote for Mac is a native application for Mac users, providing a “first class” note taking experience. That should mean that it is on par with OneNote for Windows.

API for the Cloud Service
There are a variety of new ways for getting data into OneNote notebooks:
– a clipper for saving Web pages.
– an email address for emailing stuff in.
– a way of sending blog and news articles to OneNote.
– direct scanning from desktop scanners to OneNote.
– … and more.

1. I used OneNote on a Windows tablet many years ago. It was a good offering then, and I particularly liked the real-time collaborative capabilities. I haven’t used OneNote in a serious way for many years since my main computer is a Mac. This new announcements from Microsoft changes that dynamic. Nice work Microsoft.

2. Evernote is the clear competitor here. I know lots of people rave about it, and while I have one of the earliest accounts, I had enough problems with it some years ago that I use it only lightly. The clear difference in client support – until today – was that Evernote had a native Mac app and OneNote did not.

3. It’s possible that March 2014 will be a “big Mac month” for Microsoft. One rumour has it that the new CEO will announce / release the long awaited Office for iPad at an event in San Francisco on March 27. We wait to see …

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