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Surface Pro 2

A couple of articles on the Surface / Surface Pro 2 caught my eye in the past week:

1. Steve Ballmer said the Surface was a tougher bet than the Xbox. Reasons include: (1) channel / hardware partner conflicts, (2) harder competition dynamics in the tablet market versus the gaming market, and (3) a very clear market leader in the Apple iPad. Steve said Microsoft didn’t just say, “Let’s compete with Apple.”

2. Writing for TechRepublic, Jack outlines lessons that each of the tablets could learn from each other. Re the Surface 2 (not exclusively the Pro 2), Jack says it is “very close to being one of the best mobile options for business users.” But it could learn a lesson from the Apple iPad (be clearer on your target market, and go after the business user), as well as Android (make the user interface more efficient).

Back in May, Bill Gates said that iPad users really just want a Surface. I can’t speak for the great masses, but at least for this iPad user / business user, Bill was right. If I’d been on that Westjet flight, I would have told Santa I was hoping for a Surface Pro 2 (256GB model). Let’s see what happens in 2014.

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  1. the IDEA of the surface pro 2 is very compelling. I just can’t quite bring myself to really dig it. It’s just a little too thick, a little too heavy, and a little too awkward to hold for me to really pull the trigger.

  2. no sim slot for a mobile device seems for me not quite “the best mobile option for business users” but its up to you 😉