State of the Modern Meeting—from Blue Jeans

Blue Jeans Network released the second edition of its Modern Meeting Report, highlighting changes in how collaboration technology is reshaping meetings around the world. The report is based on usage figures from Blue Jeans customers, plus a survey undertaken in November 2013. Key findings in the report:

No Face Time, No Deal: Nearly three quarters (71 percent) of people believe they lost a deal due to the lack of face-to-face interaction and six percent have admitted to falling asleep during an audio-only meeting.

Conferencing Is Converging: Meeting owners are tiring of having to decide in advance whether a meeting will be an audio conference, video conference, or web conference, and are instead choosing converged conferencing solutions like Blue Jeans that integrate all of the above. Thirty nine percent of video-centric meetings also have at least one audio-only participant, up from 35 percent in June. Thirty percent of video-centric meetings include screen/content sharing for presentations, documents, or video-clips, up from 26 percent in June.

Meeting the Holiday Hangover: While there is a 60 percent reduction in meetings the day before a holiday, the meeting bill comes due with a 118 percent increase in meetings the day after a holiday. Q1 2014 is poised to be the busiest meeting season of the year with the post-holiday spike and 25 percent more meetings taking place in February than any other time of the year.

Women CAN Have It All…All the Meetings: Women lead the meeting charge, attending 14 percent more meetings than men (up from 11 percent) and are 12 percent more likely than men to attend meetings on weekends.

Running Late? Not in the Midwest: While most of us (55 percent) join meetings late, meetings in the Midwest are more likely to start on time than meetings on the East or West Coasts. CEOs, CTOs and Founders are most often late to meetings.

Other findings in the report note the reduced use of Skype, the importance of mobile device support, and the timing of the meeting. Blue Jeans Network also published an infographic on modern meetings (from which the extract above is taken).

Blue Jeans Network offers hosted meeting services.

A couple of comments:

1. This is a great resource for informing yourself on current happenings with meetings around the world, and also for benchmarking yourself and your organization in terms of approaches to meetings. There could be some ideas in the report and infographic that you can adopt into your meeting practices.

2. It is good to see the increased interest in converged conferencing solutions, whereby your initial meeting design decision doesn’t become a constraint. If you start off with an audio-only meeting with an audio-only service, adding screen sharing or video is impossible. You have to re-meet. With a converged solution, you can easily add or remove different capabilities as the meeting progresses.

3. There is no especial mention of the essential disciplines of highly effective meetings, such as a strong agenda and the right people attending (among others). Collaboration technology definitely makes it easier to meet when people cannot be in the same place at the same time, but it does not necessarily follow that all such meetings are necessary or optimized. This is not to discount what Blue Jeans has published, but just to remind us all that effective meeting disciplines are essential to holding effective meetings.