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Arne points to a Swedish company – EGBS – offering public courses on reducing email addiction:

The “stop mailing” training course does not focus on the stress factors, but rather on what you get out of your mailing. EGBS promises that you during the course will get a deeper understanding of why just you use email. They will focus on all the myths and delusions that formed you and made you believe in your own addiction.

The course make you understand that email does not lower your stress, make you relaxed or help you doing your job faster and better. It will change your attitude towards email and during the course you will change attitude towards email. You will start thinking and behaving like a non emailer.

Most participants succeed in stopping using email already at the first course, but if not there are follow up courses. There are three course steps in total!

First training course is held in one day of 5 to 7 hours. Most participants succeed stopping emailing after this course. Between 2 – 6 weeks later you may join a 3 hours follow up training. Then a few weeks later there is a 2 hours training day with coaching.

Remember: Every emailer uses approximately one hour each day on email. That is one tenth of a standard work day. Which is about 1.5 months each year! So what is your work title? Email worker?

EGBS isn’t the only firm offering such courses and coaching, but it is good to see a focus on this.

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