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Three Masterclasses Coming Up in Australia

I’ll be in Australia in two weeks for a round of public masterclasses. While time is running out to register to attend, you still can. And note that there is a three-for-two offer in place for each of the masterclasses: purchase two tickets and get a third ticket at no extra charge.

I’m running three public masterclasses while I’m in Australia:

  • Doing Business with IBM Connections on August 27 in Sydney … held at the Hilton Sydney on George Street. Register Now
  • User Adoption Strategies Masterclass on August 28 in Sydney … held at the Hilton Sydney on George Street. Register Now
  • User Adoption Strategies Masterclass on August 29 in Melbourne … held The Westin Melbourne on Collins Street. Register Now

Details on the masterclasses are below.

User Adoption Strategies Masterclass: Sydney and Melbourne
Poor user adoption is a common issue with new collaboration and social tools; many organisations around the world struggle with it. There are various reasons for this, including bad context, inappropriate approaches, and ineffective strategies. My books on user adoption—including the second edition of User Adoption Strategies (2012)—provide a new way to approach user adoption. The book paints a picture of what a good context looks like for user adoption, lays out a whole range of possible strategies, and highlights those strategies that are more effective than others. The upcoming masterclasses in Sydney and Melbourne provide an opportunity to work through these concepts and strategies directly with me, and to share experiences with other people facing similar challenges in the adoption area. The masterclass is for people at organisations using Microsoft SharePoint, Jive, IBM Connections, NewsGator, and other similar tools.

Doing Business with IBM Connections Masterclass: Sydney
One of the adoption strategies highlighted in my book, User Adoption Strategies 2nd Ed. (2012), is called Real-to-Life Scenarios. This is an effective strategy for user adoption, which involves showing how new capabilities in collaboration and social tools can be used in the common day-to-day activities done at your organisation. If done right, the scenarios you choose give people in your organisation an opportunity to see themselves at work—in a new way. For most of the past year I have been writing a series of ten real-to-life scenarios—such as co-authoring documents, managing meetings, and holding discussions—which show how organisations can make use of IBM Connections for doing business. Working through these ten scenarios is the focus of a masterclass in Sydney on Tuesday August 27.

If you are using IBM Connections, the masterclass will be 100% relevant. If you are not using IBM Connections, given that the scenarios focus on highlighting the human and behavioural factors in making the scenarios a success, and since the scenarios are commonly undertaken regardless of the technology chosen, the masterclass will be between 80% and 90% relevant. In other words, just because you aren’t using IBM Connections isn’t enough of a reason to stay away! It will be very relevant to your work with collaboration and social tools, regardless of the actual tools you are using.

Are you coming?