No Cannons Onboard

Last week I was traveling around New Zealand for a client project, with four evening flights over four consecutive days. While I was waiting at Wellington Airport for the last flight in the series, a Dad and his young son came through security screening. It was a new experience for the young boy – who was only 3 or 4 years old – and the security guards were very kind to him and talked to him about the screening equipment. After getting through, the boy asked his Dad why all of that was necessary, and the conversation went like this:

Dad: “It’s to stop people from bringing bad stuff onto the plane.”
Son (after about 15 seconds): “What kind of bad stuff?”
Dad: “Knives. You aren’t allowed to bring knives onboard the plane.”
Son: “What else?”
Dad: “Scissors. You can’t scissors onboard either, because they are sharp.”
Son: “What else?”
Dad: “Can you think of anything bad you should not take onto a plane.”
Son (thinks for about 5 seconds) “Guns?”
Dad: “Good. You can’t take guns onboard the plane.”
Son (after about another 5 seconds): “Cannons?”
Dad (struggling to retain his composure): “Yeah, you can’t take cannons onboard the plane either.”

Phew. Imagine trying to stow a cannon in the overhead compartment.

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  1. Probably a good thing to keep cannons out of the airplane, asking for help to lift it into the overhead compartment would really slow down the boarding process!
    Cute story, thanks for sharing!