Adoption & Effective Use

Celia and Kat Talk User Adoption

Celia Hamilton talks with Kat Mandelstein about social business user adoption. You can listen to the eight minute interview over on Celia’s blog.

Here’s a couple of the questions and answers:

Q (Celia). What do companies need to take into consideration to promote user adoption?
A (Kat). Too many companies start with the tool selection, not the end users. It is strategically important to look at core business processes and see where social will add the most value, and where users are most likely to adopt. Look at the collaboration scenarios where people currently work, and how new social tools might add value in speeding things up.

Q (Celia). What do you say to companies that don’t think social applies to them?
A (Kat). From an external perspective, social has a lot of value. Internally, there’s a lot of value too. Eg., team collaboration using Basecamp, bringing collaboration into one place (documents, meetings, etc.). For small businesses, check out Yammer or Huddle. See the recent Gallup survey about employee engagement.

Q (Celia). How can administrators reach change resistant users?
A (Kat). Work with early adopters, and train them to go out to their departments and work with resistant users.

It is was good to hear some of the experiences Kat has had in the user adoption space.