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Comment on Doing Business with IBM Connections (2013) – Andy in the United States

Andy from Lowe’s recently commented on Doing Business with IBM Connections (2013):

I’ve had the pleasure of knowing Michael for several years. He is one of the first people I read and reached out to when I helped start our Social Business journey at Lowe’s.

His latest book demonstrates why he remains one of the top thought leaders in the E2.0 industry. His pragmatic approach to collaborative technologies quickly brings the best ideas down to street level and helps companies of any size and at any point in the Social Business journey embed the use of collaborative technologies into their normal, day-to-day work flows.

Michael receives my highest personal endorsement and remains a “must read” for any organization focused on building higher levels of company performance through the use of Social Business work patterns, mindsets and collaborative technologies.

Thank you Andy. (And I do like talking about the successes you have achieved at Lowe’s too in my workshops and books; they are great exemplar stories that infuse hope in other people!).