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Hopefully the Last Update on the Book Before Publication

I have spent the week working on finalizing the manuscript for Doing Business with IBM Connections (2013), and while I’m almost there, it’s not quite done yet. Here’s where I’m at:

1. All the feedback from my editor and the technical reviewers has been incorporated into the text. Subject to #2 below, the manuscript is “text complete.”

2. There are three pages out of 400 that still need work. Two of those are the Foreword, which I’m hoping to receive over the weekend or very early next week. The other of those is the final approval for one case study. I’m hoping to receive that within 24 hours. I had to change a few words to get it to fit into the allocated space, so needed to re-confirm approval.

3. Creating good screenshots has taken longer than I planned for. I budgeted two days. I should have budgeted for five. I have seven chapters still to do … and while it’s coming together, it takes time to stitch it all together in the right way. Given the book is scenario based, the text tells a story, and the screenshots have to do the same. I’m juggling ten different devices to make it all work coherently. I even moved a desk in my office this morning to line up three of the computers and get them off my main writing desk.

4. In terms of the Foreword, I’m very excited that the person I asked to write it said yes. He’s the perfect person to do it … and as soon as I have it on my computer, I’ll let you see it before it comes out in the book.

5. Current timeframe for release of the book is the last week of May. The book was due to go to the printer on Monday, but with the screenshots taking longer than planned, that’s going to push me back a couple of days.

Almost there. It’s time to ship this …