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Masterclass at Social Connections V in Zurich – Doing Business with IBM Connections

On Thursday June 27 in Zurich I will be presenting a one-day masterclass as part of Social Connections V. The details of the masterclass have now been published:

The Doing Business with IBM Connections masterclass provides a forum for quickly exploring real-world applicability of IBM Connections in organisations today. The workshop presents ten core collaboration scenarios that business people do on a day-to-day basis, and examines how to bring each of these to life in IBM Connections 4.5, in the context of business and human factors. The scenarios include co-authoring documents, managing meetings, running projects, and making decisions. Each of the ten collaboration scenarios are explored, with demonstrations to bring each of the scenarios to life. Attendees do more than just hear the ideas; they also get to see each of the scenarios being worked out before their eyes.

0900 – Welcome and Overview
0910 – IBM Connections, and Collaboration Scenarios
0930 – Scenarios 1 and 2
1030 – Morning Break
1050 – Scenario 3-5, and Setting Up Your Profile
1240 – Lunch
1310 – Scenarios 6-9
1510 – Afternoon Break
1530 – Scenario 10
1600 – A Million and One
1630 – Closing Discussion
1700 – Workshop Ends at 5pm

If your organization is exploring the potential benefits of using IBM Connections, this workshop provides a vendor-neutral, independent perspective to guide your planning. And even if you have been using IBM Connections for some years, this workshop provides targeted advice on making the most of IBM Connections.

For registration details, please see the Social Connections V website.

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