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12 Pages to Go on Doing Business with IBM Connections (2013) – Three More Case Studies

There are only 12 pages to go in my new 400-page book on Doing Business with IBM Connections (2013). The book presents ten common collaboration scenarios that people do on a day-to-day basis, and explores how to use IBM Connections to improve and enhance each. It’s been a great adventure getting the book done (I’ve had it noted as a project possibility since 2010), and it’s just about there.

Three of the remaining pages are for the three remaining case studies. There’s 19 other case studies in the book already, featuring organizations that have taken a leadership role in how they are using IBM Connections. I’m really impressed with what each of the firms have done, and look forward to sharing their stories with you when the book is available at the end of May.

But for today … there are still three opportunities to have your work with IBM Connections profiled in the book. They are:
updates (one opportunity) – has your firm used IBM Connections to distribute team and organizational updates in a new way?
decisions (two opportunities) – has your firm used IBM Connections to enhance its decision making processes?

If you answered yes to either of these, please get in contact so we can discuss. Thanks.