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Finishing Off Doing Business with IBM Connections

Over the past few weeks I have been pouring everything I have into getting my latest book, Doing Business with IBM Connections, finished. It's almost done, and I expect to have copies available by the end of May. A couple of updates:

1. There are three chapters that still need a bit of work, and I should have those done by the end of next week. Those chapters are on running a project (Chapter 9), sharing learning and best practice (Chapter 10), and achieving individual coherence (Chapter 11).

2. Once that is completed, I'll be turning my attention to revising the manuscript in light of feedback from my editors. I have material ready to work through. The last push will be to get all of the screenshots done within a Connections 4.5 environment, and I have such a system almost ready to do, thanks to Phase 2 International.

3. In terms of timeframe, I'm working towards having the manuscript done by May 3, so it can go to the printer on May 6. Three weeks later I should have the books in hand.

4. Yesterday I received an enquiry about a foreign language translation of the book, and an associated bulk order of books in that language. I'm thinking through what would be involved. It's not an option I have pursued before.

5. The remaining outstanding need is case studies for the book. I need 11 final case studies to finish the book. If your organization – or an organization you know of – is currently doing business with IBM Connections in the following areas, I'd love the opportunity to interview them and if appropriate, to feature their work in a one-page case study in the book. I'm still searching for case studies to go with the following scenarios:
– Co-Authoring Documents – 1
– Holding Discussions – 1
– Using Profiles – 1
– Sharing Team and Organizational Updates – 2
– Capturing Ideas fro Innovation – 1
– Running a Project – 1
– Sharing Learning and Best Practices – 2
– Making Decisions – 2

6. I'll open pre-orders for the book shortly.

Any questions? Please let me know.

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