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My Contributions at AusLUG 2013

Over the past three days I have attended and participated in AusLUG 2013, in Brisbane. It has been a privilege to be here. I’ve written up the sessions I attended and listened to. In addition to that attending/listening, I contributed in three direct ways:

1. I presented a Featured Session on Monday morning, called From Words to Action: You’ve Heard the Buzzwords, Now It’s Time to Get Started on Your Social Journey – A Roadmap. The session built on my work over recent years, and my two books Collaboration Roadmap (2011) and User Adoption Strategies 2nd Ed. (2012). I appreciated the questions at the end of the session, and even more the patience of my guests as I was able to think about their question before giving answer.

2. One the presenters was unable to travel at the last minute, so a session on Tuesday afternoon was rapidly reconfigured from a solo presentation to a panel discussion. Chris Miller facilitated the panel, and Paul Mooney, Jessica (from IBM), and myself were the panelists. The topic was gamification, and its impacts / flow-on effects. We all seemed to agree that (1) gamification has a role to play in the adoption challenge, but should not be seen as a silver bullet; (2) we need a new name to describe it – my suggestion was the “adoptification” of tools; and (3) we are still at early days with this, and we need to learn how to see the nuances in the application of this concept. There was very good feedback from the audience, both in person and on Twitter about the panel. Looks like this format of presentation / discussion is something to do more of in future events.

3. On Wednesday I presented a full-day workshop based on my forthcoming book, Doing Business with IBM Connections. I had a small group to work with, but nonetheless felt the day went very well. I greatly valued the feedback during the day, and many of the discussion points will find their way into the almost-completed-but-not-yet-finalised manuscript. Many thanks to Kim and IBM Brisbane for hosting my workshop in their premises, as well as the other two workshops too.

So it’s over until 2014. Dates for AusLUG 2014 have been confirmed as March 31 and April 1, but the location is yet to be determined. Huge kudos to the AusLUG Organising Committee for pulling off another great event, and a special thanks to Mat Newman for making it possible for me to be here again this year.

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