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Notes on "Have It Your Way and Make It Work For You" at AusLUG 2013 – with Mat Newman from ISW

Mat is presenting at AusLUG on setting up / customizing Lotus Notes for end users. Some notes:

1. With Notes 9, IBM is introducing a consistent UI across a variety of products, including Notes 9. There are many subtle changes, including using the PNG image format (it scales, it is transparent).
– … note that the social theme can be modified by pushing down a policy revision.
– … there’s also a preference setting for end users.

2. The general client has a new masthead, with some key buttons – mail, calendar, home, workspace, etc.
– … You can also customize the masthead, and add in buttons for key applications.

3. There’s a lot of hints and tips built into the Notes interface. These are in Javascript files. If you edit them, you can tell your users what you want to tell them.

4. There’s a new abbreviated date option, for showing in columns. Uses words like “Yesterday” and “Tomorrow.”

5. There’s a new Discover page, for briefing users on how to make use of Notes. You can use this to push out your own tips for users – by modifying some Javascript files. There’s also an Additional Resources section, for guiding users.

6. With new capabilities in Notes 9, IBM is turning on these by default.

7. Calendars can be color coded. Can be set up in advance, or in the flow of work.

… and a lot more.

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