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Notes on Ed Brill's IBM Messaging and Collaboration Roadmap

Ed is the Product Line Manager for messaging and collaboration. Some notes on his session:

1. 2012 was a good year. Eg., high adoption of 8.5.X., over 10,000 XPages developers, and new features every year since 2007.

2. Agreement in 2012 with Trust Factory, for analyzing a Domino deployment against norms and best practices. Product is now called “IBM Domino DoubleCheck.”

3. Yann Ribager, Messaging and Applications Lead, Bunge EMEA. Global agribusiness and food production company, $59 billion in sales with 35,000 employees across 40 countries. For ocean freight, have a mail-in database that gets 2,000 emails per day – to enable communication between vessel captains and land-based freight operators. Using Teamstudio Unplugged for mobile device access; took only a couple of days to make this work.

4. IBM social documents – IBM Docs (browser-based co-authoring), IBM Docs Mobile, and desktop editors via Apache OpenOffice and IBM Extensions (the work from Symphony was contributed by IBM to the project).

4a. IBM Docs in 2013 – new developments in collaborative comments, and section assignments (allocating particular sections of a document to a particular person).

5. SmartCloud Notes – added a new tier in June 2012 (SmartCloud Notes Entry), a new offering (SmartCloud Archive Essentials), and added new capabilities in other tiers (IMAP support, removal of automatic mail forwarding, etc). More coming in 2013, such as support for Notes 9 Social Edition.

6. IBM Connections Mail – integrating Notes into IBM Connections, to give a quick alert option within IBM Connections. How email is being used is changing – more actionable, more alerts of new content.

6a. Various ideas are floating around for next capabilities to add, including calendar improvements.

7. Rob Shoenfelt, Senior VP at Celina Insurance Group. The organization is a small 100 year old mid-west US insurance company. Trying to move the company from paper based to web based. Are building new web applications and modernizing existing Domino applications. Adoption of XPages for building a new insurance process.

8. IBM Notes and Domino 9 Social Edition. Been a huge investment over the past few years, and a big dollar investment. Lots of new capabilities in both Notes and Domino, including a big update to the user interface.

9. IBM Notes Traveler. Plans in 2013 – support for Windows Phone, Surface tablets, and BlackBerry 10, as well as current offerings. Various other changes in the security space.

10. IBM Notes Browser Plug-in. For extending Notes applications to a web browser. Runs applications with no modification.

11. Roadmap – Notes/Domino Next in 2015. Will support 8.5.x to 2016. Maintenance release of Notes/Domino 9 in 2014.

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