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Notes from the Opening General Session at IBM Connect 2013

In Orlando at the Walt Disney World Dolphin, IBM is kicking off the Opening General Session for IBM Connect. Some notes :

– The opening band is They Might Be Giants. This is the earliest performance they have ever given. One band member said, “It’s exciting to even be awake. It’s a dream.”

The Rise of Social Business, Alistair Rennie (General Manager, Social Business)
– Celebrating 20 years at Lotusphere; marking the start of the next 20 years.
– Big question – how do we empower people (teams, organizations) to be more effective at what they do?
– The awareness of what is possible is growing across the market.
– Call out to the IBM Champions.
– Best of Show / CTO Award – winner is ISW Development from Australia. See its Kudos Badges.

Joseph Gordon-Levitt
– An actor, creator, collaborator.
– In Hollywood it is pretty exclusive who you work with. Joe wanted to do more with other people, so started an open collaborative organization called HitRecord; see
– Have various collaborative projects going on. People can contribute items to any ongoing projects. Eg., The Man with a Turnip for a Head – 295 contributions, narrowed down to 29 used contributions.
– Three big enablers – (a) technology – cameras, laptops, video online, social networking, (b) community – started small, and grew gradually / organically, and positive feedback for the people doing great work, and (c) remix – needing to overcome the premium of “my original work,” and allowing people to build on the ideas of other people. Enables much better collective creativity.

Alistair Rennie
– Alistair’s cyclist team – learning from other cyclists, and how to improve performance.
– What talent and innovations in other parts of the organization could be used? Most of this is hidden.
– Getting smarter – for employee engagement, and customer experience.
– IBM Platform for Social Business – the “motherboard of your organization.” Added Kenexa via acquisition in December, for talent development and recognition.
– Need to make “big data” more accessible.
– The goal – to change the way front office business processes are done.

Sandy Carter and Jeff Schick
– McKinsey & Company – research says that average productivity gains of 25% from using social tools.
– “Social is a lifestyle change.”
– Releasing a new adoption model – with top 10 strategies.
– Demos (with Luis):
– … scenario – working effectively with sales team. The Activity Stream gives a single place of what’s happening. Gives inline content updates. Can use hashtags to see what else is being said. Can filter for status updates from teams. Communities give a hub for team collaboration. IBM Connections 4.5 – nested folders, social tagging, document workflow.
– … communities – an integrated meeting room.
– … take files from the community, and start a whiteboarding session.
– … free native apps from the app store, for linking to SharePoint documents, gamification tools, and multi-way video.
– … Foresee in Germany, have integrated Connections with a full touch capable table.
– … Notes 9 Social Edition – integrates social capabilities into the inbox.
– … FileSync capability for integrating / synchronizing across multiple devices. Files downloaded to mobile device are encrypted; can be remotely wiped.
– “social didn’t transform our culture. It revealed our culture.” (Lowe’s)
– announcements – Notes 9.0 Social Edition (coming in March), IBM Connections Content Manager 4.5 (coming in March), and more mobile device and support. IBM Docs will be expanded with more tablet capabilities. Cloud first release.
– new adoption services – (a) social business adoption model, (b) social business adoption exhibition, and (c) customer council & adoption strategies.

Gerd Friedrich, CIO, Bosch
– long time organization. Now in four business segments – automotive technology, industrial technology, energy & building technology, and consumer products.
– total sales in 2011 – EUR 51.5 billion.
– challenges today – collaboration across the world, capturing innovation, speed and efficiency, diversity
– a few years ago, various groups started to build networks inside. Decision point – let them go, or bring them together?
– decided to go for a holistic approach, bringing people together internally and externally.
– approach – technology & consulting (chose IBM Connections), guidelines for employees about what to do, leadership and change support, and organization.
– in pilot phase – went for 26 lighthouse cases, with limited users (7,000 users). Are going wider this year.
– one process – reduced cycle time from 40 days to 6 days, for one process across 9 divisions.
– keys – community management, change management, and “just do it.”

Craig Hayman, GM, Industry Solutions, IBM Software
– Steampunk – a new trend.
– Can you see new trends in customer preferences – from a variety of input sources?
– How to offer customer experiences, to build loyalty.
– New customer – Chief Executive Customer. They want you to know them, and what they want. They want to build a relationship.
– Customer experience – selling that’s relevant, personal.
– Demo:
– … exploring a new market sector. Looking at sentiment. Creating targeted offers, and doing A/B testing. Can push offers out to social media tools too.
– … responsive design, that optimizes web experience on desktops and tablets.
– organizations around the world doing this already – ING (opening a new bank account), Expedia, (loyalty program).
– Case Study – Caterpiller (Jeff Bowman, Global eBusiness Manager, Caterpiller)
– … network of 191 dealers worldwide; been building customer relationships over 85 years. Relationships are increasingly made and grown online. Need to build touchpoints for working with customers. Trying to understand fleet information, and guiding customers to better solutions as trust grows.

About Kenexa, for Talent Development
– Rudy Karsan, Co-Founder and CEO, Kenexa
– The smarter workforce begins with us – as people.
– Emotion and feeling play a big role in the smarter workforce. Makes us better.
– How to engage our wider community.
– How do we enable the smarter workforce?
– … Eg., engaging with people before they join the firm, making learning a continuous thing, knowing that people have the right job.
– … From “recruiting talent” to “attracting talent.”
– … New technology from IBM coming in 2013 – Employee Experience Suite.
– … Applying analytics for predicting the right teams for client engagement – this IBM technology will be integrated into Kenexa.
– … Enable employees to tap into expertise wherever it resides – will integrate Connections and Kenexa, for speed onboarding.
– … Social Learning Suite (coming in 2013)
– … Smarter Workforce Analytics Suite (coming in 2013)
– Demo (with Rob):
– … Developing branded career sites to attract new employees.
– … Surveys to ascertain cultural fit.
– … New learning technology from IBM, including guided learning paths, social tools through the global community, or just browse all of the content. Comments about a video can be added, and they are added at a particular point. Videos are automatically transcribed, to enable quick findability.
– Ross Grossman, VP HR, Regeneron:
– … A biotech company. Have very smart people.
– … The company has grown quickly. Needed to be able to identify the best people, and then attract them. Have been using Kenexa since 2007. Want people to stay – have a low turnover percentage.
– … Have been able to establish HR as as strategic partner at Regeneron.

Mike Rhodin, SVP, IBM Software Solutions Group
– There are almost unlimited opportunities to use technology to solve our client’s toughest problems, many of which have never been solved before.
– The art of the possible looks very different today than it did even a few years ago.
– The common thread – the central role of analytics. Enables us to see the patterns in the data. Can weave intelligence into the very core of every organizational process.
– We need to build new skills – analytics is the new language of business.
– … IBM is working with Ohio State University to develop new analytics curricula.
– Watson – IBM has put Watson to work with clients over the past 12 months, starting with the health industry. Being a doctor is hard work – how to stay up with what’s going on.
– Watson – new possibilities for identifying career opportunities and development.

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