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Doing Business with IBM Connections – An Update

It’s been a month since I announced that my next book is for business people using IBM Connections. There have been a couple of significant developments over the past month that I want to share here.

First, the book has been with the reviewers for both conceptual and technical review. My colleague Eric Mack has already reviewed half of the book, and has given some spot-on conceptual feedback. As a result I have expanded the length of the book in order to adequately and appropriately deal with his feedback. He offered some great ideas about end-of-chapter summaries, and the need to say more on the mobile front.

Second, I decided to insert a new chapter 13 to deal with many other uses for IBM Connections. This means that the book starts with a broad overview of the features of Connections 4, then drills deeply into ten core Collaboration Scenarios (ten ways of using a variety of features), and then ends with a broad overview of possible uses.

In combination, the two changes above have taken the book from 304 to 368 pages, making this one the longest book I have written to date.

Third, I had a good chat with Mark Bennett a few weeks ago at the ITEX 2012 conference in Auckland. Mark’s organization uses Connections locally and internationally, and I shared the concept for the book, discussed some of my conceptual issues with certain sections, and talked about how the book comes together. He listened and responded with some good pointers. His feedback helped me crystalize my thinking about a certain approach in the book, and I’ll have to go through all of the ten core chapters now to ensure they align with that decision.

Fourth, I decided to push back the publication of the book by a couple of months – to March 2013. This will enable me to write the extra content needed for the book, and to do it right rather than rushed. I’m still hoping to be at IBM Connect (and to speak on User Adoption Strategies for IBM Connections), but I won’t now have the book done in time to release there. I’ll have at least one copy you can browse through though.

I’m very pleased with how the book is coming together. I’m looking forward to getting it done, but will enjoy the months of learning, exploring, pondering, and writing between now and then.

Visit the book page – Doing Business with IBM Connections: Opportunities for Improving Processes, Driving Results, and Achieving Great Outcomes with IBM Connections 4

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