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News from the SharePoint Conference 2012

Microsoft is hosting the SharePoint Conference 2012 this week in Las Vegas. There’s about 10,000 people there—which makes for a huge event.

Here’s some of the news I noted that was timed to coincide with the conference:

  • AvePoint DocAve Analytics for SharePoint … AvePoint released a new Windows 8 app that takes data from DocAve Report Center to create a graphical dashboard displaying what’s going on with the SharePoint team sites a user manages. DocAve Analytics, utilizing infrastructure and platform intelligence data from DocAve Report Center, presents users with details for the SharePoint sites they manage in a graphical dashboard display. Each SharePoint site is represented by a Windows 8 UI tile, which can also be pinned to the Windows 8 home screen. The respective tiles alert users to events such as unusual spikes in usage or outliers in selected browsing history based on typical usage of the SharePoint site to simplify SharePoint site owner management. AvePoint
  • Colligo Briefcase …. Colligo announced the availability of Colligo Briefcase, its mobile app for access to SharePoint, on Android, Mac OS X, and Apple iOS devices. Briefcase includes full offline support. Briefcase complements other Colligo offers for Windows devices. Colligo
  • ROI on Mobile Apps … Colligo also announced the results of a research study on the ROI of using mobile apps/software so employees can access SharePoint. Research results confirm that Colligo customers have achieved impressive returns and bottom-line impact from their Colligo investment. Of customers surveyed, 85% have seen a payback on their Colligo investment in less than 24 months, 78% in less than one year, and 36% reporting full ROI in less than one month. In addition, 69% of organizations report average user productivity gains of 30 or more minutes every week, with 23% reporting productivity gains of two hours or more every week per average user. Colligo
  • Nintex for SharePoint 2013 … Nintex released updates to Nintex Workflow and Nintex Forms to support SharePoint 2013. Both products include new mobility support (for Windows 8 and iOS), social capabilities (for connecting with and provisioning to social tools and services), and cloud compatibility (for running workflows in the cloud). Nintex
  • Nintex Integrates with Yammer … Nintex announced that its workflow product now integrates with Yammer. By leveraging Nintex Yammer integration, users can finally drive business processes and manage tasks directly within social media channels. For example, a user could crowd source task completion within a team, discuss a customer escalation, and document a stream of intelligence around a particular business issue or solution. IT administrators can also create Yammer users and populate profiles as part of an automated employee onboarding processes, and manage the creation of groups and membership based on organizational changes. Yammer

In related news, Microsoft is working on SharePoint apps for various platforms, due to ship in 2013. This includes Windows 8, Windows Phone, and iOS. There will also be Android support, coming at some point in the future.

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  1. View More. Watch More. Hear More. Equilibrium announced version 4.3 of EQ Network, their unbelievable system for creating automatic visualization of all filetypes in all search, doc and asset libraries. Saw their demonstration on all iOS devices of both an incredible multi-page Zoom and Pan, along with a real, working html5 capability for all devices. Tried it myself on my android and windows 7 devices, it worked great!