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Review of Stratiteq's Social Collaboration Day – October 4, 2012

It’s a bit before 7am and I’m waiting for a flight from Copenhagen airport to Brussels, for the final day of my European and United Kingdom visit for October. I have a presentation to give this afternoon on how collaboration tools can be used to improve organizational efficiency. Once that’s done it’s back to London on the EuroStar tomorrow morning, and then to New Zealand via Hong Kong departing Heathrow tomorrow night. So a lot of travel is coming up for me this weekend.

Yesterday I took an early train to Malmö, for the Stratiteq Social Collaboration Day. It was my first trip across the bridge linking Denmark and Sweden, and what a wonderful feat of engineering that is. From Malmö Central Station I walked the 10 minutes to Stratiteq’s office, and was met at the door.

At 9am, after a rousing welcome to the 70 delegates by Magnus from Stratiteq, I presented the key concepts, models, and research from Collaboration Roadmap (2011) and User Adoption Strategies 2nd Ed. (2012), including the road to success, governing collaboration, strategies for engaging the business, and how to approach user adoption. It was a whistle stop tour, and I appreciated the growing engagement, discussion, and differing points of view expressed during the morning.

We were treated to a wonderful soup lunch by a local masterchef. The soup was stunning, and the presentation of the serving table equally so. Kudos.

Sarah and Stephen from Yammer (UK) spoke in the afternoon on adoption patterns with Yammer. The delegates then divided into two main groups, one for a presentation on Stratiteq’s concept of “My Digital Workplace,” and the second for a live demo / exploration of SharePoint 2013 and Office 365. I had a separate round table discussion to participate in, so had to miss both of those sessions. The day finished with drinks and nibbles for the delegates, and a post-event dinner in a quiet restaurant for seven (five from Stratiteq, Pontus from Microsoft, and myself). When done I took the train back to my hotel by Copenhagen airport. (Incidentally, I stayed at the Hilton by the airport. Due to the integratedness of the airport / hotel / train, while I’ve been in Denmark, I haven’t actually been outside. Next time … I promise).

In summary, a good day of learning and exploration was had by all. Thanks to the delegates for their participation in the day. Thanks to Stratiteq for organising a great event, and making all the details go smoothly.

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  1. Hi Michael
    Good to hear that you enjoyed your trip to Copenhagen/Malmø. Next time you’re in Copenhagen, don’t hesitate to contact me, as I’m very much enjoying following your blog and would like to show you around town or take you out for lunch.
    BR Karen