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Interactions 2012 – Knowledge, Not Workers – 4.5 Reasons for the Failure of Enterprise 2.0 – Tim Walters

Tim Walters from Digital Clarity Group is talking about reasons for the failure of Enterprise 2.0. There's 4.5 reasons (we're told), with a happy intranet ending at the end (appropriately).

Key points:
– "Enterprise 2.0" for the talk is generally focused on social. Towards the end, will broaden the talk.
– (0) need to ensure you get all the hygiene factors in place – executive support, grass roots support, infrastructure.
– (1) misplacing social – we look at the impact of social in our consumer lives, and believe it can be transferred directly to the organization. We confuse sociological fact (people like to work in teams) with an experiential driver (social tools are available).
– (2) tool fetishism – we can take a social tool and implement it and quickly get an impact. It's an illusion. We forget all of the mundane, procedural issues that have to line up.
– (3) buying big platforms because they do everything – you have to accomplish tools with adoption methodologies. The intranet has to become the place where you do your work.
– (4)
– (5)
– (5.5)

I had to run to get ready for my own presentation.

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