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Tracing the History of IBM Connections 4 – a Visual Contribution

Writing on The Smarter Office blog, I posted about the “soon” to be released Version 4 of IBM Connections. There’s a diagram, too, to trace the history of Connections 4 from June 2007 to what’s about to come:

Connections was first introduced in June 2007, and has been through at least six major version upgrades since then (and numerous smaller releases). To trace the history in the development of IBM Connections from 1.0 to what is known about 4.0 based on published information, please see the attached diagram (PDF). It shows how the seven major capabilities in the original Connections 1.0 offering have been enhanced over recent years, and where IBM added new capabilities (such as wikis in Version 2.5) or renamed existing capabilities (such as Dogear becoming Bookmarks in Version 2.5). In looking at the diagram, two things stand out to me: first, Connections is an increasingly mature product, with a solid set of core capabilities. Second, the breadth of capabilities offered in a single offering represent a great value proposition to organizations looking to consolidate previously separate technology initiatives.

Read more (and get the diagram): Tracing the History of IBM Connections 4

If you have any corrections or feedback on the diagram – I’d love to hear it. Thanks.

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  1. I can’t comment on the 4.0 stuff obviously, but one thing that I didn’t see was that we added Forums in 2.0 and then made those standalone later.
    Also, the 2.5 mobile browser experience was for everything, including microblogging.
    Also, report-to information was in 1.0 of Profiles.
    Import from browser for Bookmarks has been there since 1.0
    Integration with Sametime for presence and IM (and click-to-call) has been there since 1.0
    If you have any other questions, let me know.